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Other Programs
The programs and services of the institution are geared towards a better quality of life for children.

1. Residential Program
Provision of homecare environment for the child’s growth during six (6) months period of temporary stay

2. Social Service
Facilitates case management of children under care, guidance and counseling, referrals, networking, and resource linkages.

3. Education
Gives children a Day Care Program for their basic learning and values formation, same with socializing with people around them.

4. Health Care Program
Provides focus medical attention and treatment to children having medical needs, and maintenance of their medical condition.

5. Community Outreach Program
Children residing within the community with ages 6-12 and who were former Day Care students of the center are encouraged to join activities offered by the Institution and other private organizations.

6. Family Welfare Program
Enhancing parents’ skills thru skills training for productivity and self-sufficiency. Likewise parents are given activities to enhance parenting skills.

7. Supplemental Feeding Program
Provides nourishment for children who are between 1 – 6 years old, below normal weight, and are in need of nutritional support. They are given food assistance everyday for a period of 3-6 months.

8. Training Ground for Students
An insight as to how a private charitable institution tick is affordable to every student enlists in activities like Lay Apostolate, RELSTRI, CWTS-NSTP, Community Service, Related Learning Experience, and On-the-Job Training.


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