About Us


Children who are either abandoned, neglected, orphaned, foundling, and dependent who are categorized as Children in Need of Special Care whose ages are from six (6) months to six (6) years old, whose families and relatives, or guardian cannot provide their basic, security, and nurture needs. Children can either be referred by agencies such as the DSWD, Local Government Units, and Non-Government Offices, or simply be as walk-in clients.


September 1913: Wives of members of the Phil. Columbian Club organized themselves as the Philippine Feminine Extension or Women’s Auxiliary Club. These women were the founders of the institution whose president was Dr. Honoria Acosta Sison and started Asociacion de Damas de Filipinas, Inc.

1919: Settlement House was established and had its first site on a building at Avenida Rizal St., Manila. It was used as a temporary shelter to indigent aged widows and orphans. Services to care of babies and small children were extended.

1925: Settlement House’ permanent site was established at 815 Canonigo St. Paco, Manila, now known as 1451 Pres. Quirino Ave., Paco, Manila.

1941: Settlement House became a refuge center, hospital, and dispensary for homeless civilians from Paco, Singalong, Ermita, Pasay, and Sta. Ana.

December 3, 1998: A fire gutted the 72-year-old building of the institution, which caused 28 casualties, mostly children that are admitted in the center.

February 14, 1999: A new building was inaugurated thru the assistance given by former President Joseph Estrada and his alumni friends in Ateneo de Manila University.

March 2006: The institution had its lifetime licensed to operate under the DSWD’s authority providing residential care service to children in need of special care.

Mission and Vision

Asociacion de Damas de Filipinas, Inc. commits itself to serve the socially, emotionally, and economically disadvantaged children, uphold their rights and interests, provide a nurturing environment that enable them to experience the conditions of a loving family through quality care essential to help them grow and develop as God-fearing and holistically healthy children. All directed towards living within a normal family life situation and surrounding.

Successful family re-integration or in special cases a permanent placement wherever and whenever necessary.


Executive Director

Ms. Maribeth T. Florido

Board of Directors (2010-2012)

Lourdes M. Abela
Evelina I. Atienza
Rosario C. Cojuangco
Nellie C. Delgado
Aurora E. Eizmendi
Marita M. Ejercito
Brigida T. Guingona
Esperanza C. Gutierrez
Anita Magsaysay-Ho
Sylvia P. Montes
Gina M. Infante
Elenita O. Nolasco
Mariane M. Pratte
Aurora N. Reciña
Teresita C. Sison
Asuncion R. Trinidad
Carmenia P. Uyguanco


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